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Welcome To New Novin Baft Co. Website

Expect us just the experience!! We feel honored to serve our customers with Sayna, the well-known brand and quality ,which has done remarkable sevices for decades at producing towels

About Company

Novin Baft-e Abi Zayande Rood Co. started its working activities in weaving and completing all kinds of towels in 2008 with an outlook on producing high quality products in order to participate in overseas markets. Since the first of 2010,the assembly line of bespoke products began to work related to company success in reaching the local markets and entering the overseas markets and of course in respond to customer`s request (considering long durability of advertises on towel ).

Excellent feedback among main product customers and bespoke customers was earned in short trem.  


 Highest variety for all kinds of interests

Exporting products

Competing with similar foreign products

Using the high-tech equipments in manufacturing process

Sayna Towels
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