Novin Baft-e Abi Zayande Rood Co. with keeping various technology in weaving,completing and manufacturing towels which has the highest-tech equipments is able to supply its products with best quality and variety in color and design competable with foreign samples even better than them.

So far this company has been able to participate in local and overseas markets according to customer`s opinions with Abi and exporting brand (Milano) which presents continuous and targeted activities for improving the quality of products.

Abi towel related to this subject has got the first rank in exporting bathrobe set to middle east countries such as (Emirates,Yemen and etc) ,the large amount of products is sent to these countries.

The needs in local and overseas markets caused an increase in producing from 80 tons to 220 tons in year. Variety of company products in color,dimension and model certainly supports every taste and interest.

In recent years a large variety in advertising gifts and productions has been created related to efficiency of these kind of gifts with an economic expense and also the time period of monopoly on calendar or pen as a gift is almost over.

Advertising towel is one of the new gifts which is accepted by customers because of high consumption,durability and being special. Advertising towel is usually produced in hand towels,hotel towels or bath towels.

Among the advantages of advertising towels we can iclude below items:

Because of weaving the brand or advertising slogan,it is impossible to get faded or damaged. The problem which can be seen on pens,glasses or advertising T-shirts . Advertising brand usually gets faded or cleaned due to overuse or washing which is not pleasant for advertising products.

Because of speciality of this product, using this advertisment attracts more than other products and has a bigger effect on customers.

Lasting ,popularity and effectiveness rather than the cost simply reveals being economical.

Novin Baft-e Abi Zayande Rood(Sayna towel) is one of the biggest towel producer in Iran, that has been working in this business for many years.

According to customer`s requests this company acted out to produce advertising towels speciality and part time since 2007, but over time large production with increase of requests for producing advertising towels in whole range and with large variety in design ,weave types,thread,dimension and color started.

And right now company is ready to produce all kinds of advertising towels for demanded request of dear customers.